Baby Gifts & Gift Ideas for Newborns

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Are you or someone you know about to welcome a new baby into the family?  If you are, baby gifts or baby gift ideas are probably on your mind about now.  

It is an exciting time, the waiting can be excruciating (and in some cases, the not knowing whether the new addition will be a boy or a girl) but the end result is usually absolutely fabulous - who doesn't adore a newborn baby!

And while you are waiting you have the prefect excuse to browse through baby stores to pick out that perfect gift.   Or perhaps you are one of those very clever people who is planning on making the gift yourself and you are just looking for ideas.  

How I can help you to find some perfect baby gifts...

Mason Baby is a small business located in Adelaide Australia that offers gorgeous little newborn baby gifts.

Choosing the perfect baby gift is harder than you might think.  Just about everything you pick up will be tine and extremely cute, but that doesn't meant that it is the right choice and if you do not have a lot of experience buying for a newborn or a small child it is easy to end up with a gift that looks gorgeous but is totally impractical, decorative only or in some cases, even down right unsafe.

Here in Australia we have some pretty strict standards for products for use with or by small children, but not all gifts will necessarily comply with those standards depending on how you source them.  Hand-made or hand-crafted toys for example may not have been tested against Australian Standards, so if in doubt it pays to ask.

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